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Whether you are new to driving or not, you surely want to get the most affordable car insurance there might be. Unfortunately, the cheapest car insurance policy for an individual may not be the cheapest for another. That’s because individuals differ in age, neighborhood, marital status, or car. Your driving record may also be different from that of an individual who is of the same age, marital status, car and neighborhood as you. These are only some of the factors where the cost of your car insurance policy depends. Nonetheless, here are some ways to get affordable car insurance policy.

Understand Coverage Types

The first step to getting an affordable car insurance policy is to understand the different types of coverage. You should ponder if you need full or partial coverage. Less coverage means less monthly or annual insurance costs hence affordable car insurance premium but this may result to more expenditure in case you got involved in an accident. In addition, your state has set the minimum coverage every driver must have. With a car insurance policy, you may include bodily injury liability, medical payments, property damage liability, collision coverage, uninsured motorist protection, and physical or comprehensive damage. The bodily injury liability covers other people’s injury and death blamed on you or your car.

The property damage liability covers for properties that your car may accidentally damage. You can’t opt to remove this in your policy because states require it. The medical payment, which is optional, will cover for your and your passenger’s medical bills. The uninsured motorist protection covers for injuries that you may get when an uninsured (or underinsured) driver hits you. The collision coverage is also optional and it covers the damages to your car. It requires a deductible. Consider skipping this if you have an old car. Lastly, the comprehensive or physical damage coverage will cover for damages that may be caused by fire, theft, flood and vandalism. In addition, you can increase the deductibles for the coverage that carry them to lower your car insurance premium.

Affordable Car Insurance

Get Low Cost Vehicle

If you are looking for an affordable car insurance policy, you cannot change your age or move to a safer neighborhood but you can surely do something about your vehicle. The kind of vehicle you have is considered by the insurers. Fast cars like sports car or fancy vehicles like SUVs have low chances for an affordable car insurance policy. This is reasonable since the insurance companies will surely spend a lot in case your vehicle gets damaged or stolen.

Maintain a Clean Driving Record

The way you drive can affect the car insurance costs and there are records to tell insurance companies how you are as a driver. People, who have DUI records, had one or more cars stolen and other vehicle-related incidents, are most likely to spend more on car insurance. Thus, you should strive to maintain a clean driving record to have higher chances on affordable car insurance. Avoid tickets. Avoid drunk driving. You should also limit your driving to important trips since the miles can also affect the annual premium.


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